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Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

Cities: skylines city building and management simulator gives you the chance to design and metropolitan areas. SimCity 2013 in the wake of a disappointing game in the genre is a great breath of fresh air. On a great game, it really is open to mods created by the community, so you can pretty much do you want it in the simulator.

Cases, mods, mods

wanneerJy start of the first cities, skylines, he could not think of a repetition barkatukotristea older SimCity game. butfirm to put a little light that developers not only to learn of his predecessors, but also ideas and innovations as well as their added.

For starters, the city began: skylines quickly you can micromanage your cities. For example, to remove wettigingdwelms and police district, and see what happens – you can create custom rules for each field!

kamupikir game if something is missing, you can create your own mod, or many arakatuDagoeneko by other players. There are 35,000 people in the time of writingmore than mods, such as skate parks, traffic AI special buildings, and the increase in the first person. A modder even mod a helicopter, fly around your country can do for you! Modding said City: skylines almost unlimited possibilities.

Make your dream city

Cities: SimCity skylines really seem to address some of the criticism. It is very evident by the size of the city – more than five times the Maxis diraazken creations. Also, play the right way, and it is included in the mapFull editor.

district, mods and real cities – cities: skylines gives you the tools that you want to create in the city.

Cities: skylines well optimized so that you do not need a super computer to run the game properly. the graphics are not quite as flash SimCity, but still look good to your creation when you zoom in close. The interface is intuitive, especially if you like to play badaJokoak soosCitiesXL or SimCity.

Sim City’ve been waiting for

Even if it is not perfect, cities, skylinesSimCity best game of its kind in the superlative 4. freedom and resources to the city since it allows you to build, and control how you want to be. mod support lifting the game is something very special character.

Cities: Skylines

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